Beebox for Drupal

Drupal Translation Management: it's child's play

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You could keep doing it the old way…

  • Manually export content to be translated in a format that translators can process
  • Send the exported content to translators by email
  • Check the translations for quality when ready
  • Copy and paste translations back into Drupal, language by language
  • Edit language pages to correct layout errors
  • Publish translated pages

Unless you’d prefer a better, shorter way…

  • Have content additions and updates tracked automatically
  • Recycle existing translations
  • Have new content to be translated sent automatically to the translators (yours or ours)
  • Alternatively, integrate Machine Translation
  • Have translated content sent back automatically to Drupal, or under supervision

How does it work?

  • Install the Beebox plug-in at your Drupal site
  • Content to be translated is selected automatically
  • The memory remembers every translation ever done: only content for which there is no translation yet is filtered for export
  • Selected content is sent automatically to translators, where appropriate based on a pre-defined workflow
  • Translated content is automatically imported back into Drupal
  • Before publication, you have the option to check and edit translations and, if needed, send them back to the translators
  • Translations, when final, are automatically placed online   

What are the benefits?

  • Automated translation management and in and out workflow in Drupal
  • Substantial cost reduction
  • Reduced time-to-publish
  • Content automatically remains in sync in all languages
  • European solution, using EU best translation practices
  • Choice between human, community and/or machine translation

Can you test it?

  • You benefit from a 1-month trial period
  • You install the Beebox plug-in in Drupal yourself or receive 50% discount on the plug-in installation cost.
  • You enjoy discounted translation rates if you use Connexion’s translators during the trial
  • You can view a demo
  • Contact us if you would like a one-to-one presentation at your convenience. 

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