Drupal made easy

Drupal can be made so much easier by Connexion

You feel that content editing with Drupal

should be made even easier,

and you are right.

Here is what Connexion can do for you…

Product information

  • Your visitors always download PDF’s which are up-to-date: each requested PDF is created instantly ‘on the fly’, based on the information available at that precise moment
  • The content of your existing product or service databases is synchronized automatically into your website


  • You select, when using picture thumbnails, which part of the full picture needs to be focused automatically
  • You don’t need to take care of the image format and size when you upload visuals: the system will process all images for you to the right specifications

Text input

  • Content editing is fast and straightforward for anyone in your organization: the content management interface is customized to the specific needs of each content administrator
  • You easily copy-paste text content from MS Word, without losing its formatting


  • Visitors who subscribe to your communication are automatically synchronized with your email marketing platform (like MailChimp)
  • You create your newsletters straight from your website, using the website content


  • You save yourself the hassle of exporting content to be translated and copy-pasting multiple translations back into the website: it is all done automatically
  • You choose between human, community and/or machine translation

Social Media

  • The content from you social media platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram,...) is displayed automatically on your website
  • A teaser link to content newly created  on your website is posted automatically on your social media platforms

Digital marketing

  • Your ‘Call to Action’ items (forms, buttons, …) are automatically synchronized with your Marketing Automation tool (like Marketo)
  • You know exactly what your visitors prefer in your website, thanks to visitors’ tracking

... And many more features that can make your life so much better.

Contact Stany van Gelder (svg@connexion.eu or +32 (0)2 421 71 40) for a no-stress discussion on how to improve the management of your Drupal website or fill in the ‘More info’ form.